Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wifi Hack

                                    Wifi Hack
وائی فائی کوڈ توڑ دیا

White eyes you can use this method broken the wifi security,Thanks for ask help in our help center......
mainly used
WinAircrackPack tool to crack your neighbor’s wireless WIFI password
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Notebook as a home computer now has all the same to be moved around anywhere leveling network
Some places have free “hot spots” He is a wireless router can send the Internet signal transmitter
If you have a wireless network card can be connected where the network see whether they have a wireless card
Desktop – Right Network Places – Properties – Wireless Network Connection
General notebook comes with wireless cards are an icon, if prompted to open him to see nearby wireless hotspots do not
Many places offer hot spots such as cafes and restaurants, the airport where crowded double-click to open “wireless network connection”
Click “Refresh network list” you can see the machine in the vicinity of wireless hot spots and wireless hot spots in the transmission distance is
Routing and distance wireless notebook can not exceed 30 to 100 meters or signal loss caused by or can not connect

مندرجہ ذیل ہیک وائی فائی کوڈ کا عمل ہے 
ہم صرف امید ہے کہ فراہم خیالات غلط نہیں

If you see the connection you can click the Connect button to connect the lower right corner
Figure that the signal is no signal state is the lowest tested this situation but also can be connected
And lucky sometimes low speed is not up to 1M / S

If you encounter a password also encrypted wireless hotspot is like
He is not allowed to connect the outside world because of lower speeds or being worried about Spammers attacks
When the connection will be prompted for a password we can use the tool to break him to really unlimited wireless
The following is the process of hack wifi code
We hope only to provide ideas do not Wrong this article, the permeation behavior of the internal network
First recognized by NetStumbler AP’s coverage in a particular area, and the parameters of the signal through AP ‘check out the location’ to collect network

By the red box on the chart to determine the part of the AP SSID named demonalex type of equipment for the 802.11b
, Encryption attribute for the ‘encrypted’, supported under the 802.11b standard algorithm, the algorithm identified
WEP. One thing to note: NetStumbler have to use any encryption algorithm STA [802.11 wireless station

Point] are identified in the Encryption attributes for the WEP algorithm, such as the image above SSID of the AP for the use of additional gzpia
Secret algorithm is WPA2-AES. Our purpose of this experiment is to capture the appropriate data through the frame IV (initial
Of vector) brute get WEP KEY, it only need to use airodump.exe (used to capture data frame)
And WinAircrack.exe (with crack WEP KEY) 2 program on it. First of all open
ariodump.exe procedures, in accordance with the following steps:

First program will prompt the machine to all the existing wireless LAN interface, and calls you need to capture data input
Frame of the wireless LAN interface number, where I chose to use generic driver to support the BUFFALO WNIC — No.
‘26 ‘; And procedures require you to enter the WNIC chip type chips are now common to most international
With ‘HermesI / Realtek’ a subset, so select ‘o’; then need to enter to capture the signals
Office of the channel, we need to capture the AP in which the channel for the ‘6 ‘; prompted to enter the existing frame of capture data
File name and location, if not the absolute path to write the file exists in the winaircrack default installation directory,
To. Cap at the end, I used the example above is the ‘last’; last winaircrack Tip: ‘Is it only
Write / Record IV [initialization vector] to the cap file go? ‘Here I choose’ no / n ‘; determined by
On the steps to start a packet capture after the procedure.

The following process is a long wait until the table ‘Packets’ out of a total of 300,000 hours can be
Meet the test requirements. According to experimental experience: When the AP is extremely frequent communications data traffic, data flow
Great amount of time, ‘Packets’ value corresponding to the greater acceleration of growth. When the program runs to meet
‘Packets’ = 300000, press the Ctrl C requirements of the end of the process. At this point you will find
winaircrack installation directory will generate last.cap and last.txt two files. One last.cap to
Universal packet sniffer log file type, you can use ethereal program to open view the relevant information;
last.txt sniffing tasks for this final statistics
Break below the work carried out mainly for last.cap. First, the implementation of WinAirCrack.exe documents:
Click on the map red box and part of the folder button, pop-up *. cap selection dialog box, select last.cap file
, Then by clicking on the right ‘Wep’ button to switch the main interface to the interface WEP cracking options:
Select ‘Key size’ is 64 (currently the majority of users are using the length of the WEP KEY, so that
Step entirely on speculation that the value selected), and finally click the bottom right of the main interface of ‘Aircrack the key …
‘Button, and then will bring up a cmd.exe running under embedded in the process of dialog, and prompts come WEP KEY:
Open the Wireless LAN connection parameter setting window, set the parameters: SSID: demonalex Channel: 6 WEP KEY: 1111122222 (64 位) OK, now you can enjoy a WLAN connected to the others the fun.

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Wifi Kia hy

Wifi Kia hy 
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